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Are you struggling with your English essay? Is an essay question too hard for you to understand? Here at 123Writing, we believe that writing an English essay can be very hard if your first language is not English; it can be a struggle to understand English books and Academic Journals when English is not your first language and are still learning it.Many academic books and Journals are written by professors who want to show off they are experts and impress other professors and academics. The problem is these are the books and Journals students have to read and many foreign students including English students struggle to understand many of these books because the people who write them just want to impress their peers which is why some Journal English can be very hard to understand.

But don't worry; we at 123Writing can help you relieve the stress of trying to understand difficult books and Journals. Our writers are all well educated in many forms of English essay writing, and we have many English essay writing services available to you.

We have both English and international writers all born in the UK and all educated in the UK. All our writers have studied a variety of courses that have included English, Law, Business and Management, Media and film studies and others such as Economics, Accounting and Banking, Psychology and International Relations. Our talented essay writers have the ability to write about a wide range of topics and subject matters whilst delivering incisive and analytical essays that clearly address your essay requirements. 123Writing employs strict rules to ensure all our essays are 100%original and thus plagiarism free.

We know that many international students in the United Kingdom are not native English speakers, coming from different countries and moving to England to experience the culture and lifestyle of our various cities and towns.

 We also know that some students would rather be enjoying life and going shopping instead of struggling to write complex essays using the English language. So here at 123Writing, we feel that if you are not yet in a position where you feel comfortable enough to write your own essay, you can use our essay writing services that also very affordable.

If you are afraid that the teacher will catch you, we also write essay levels that are “Just Pass” or between 40-50% so that teachers cannot tell as we write such essays at a lower level that most teachers expect international students to write at. However if you want very high marks like above 70%, we can also write at that level. You decide how high a mark you want!

Writing an essay and passing is not very easy for everyone especially for International students who are not very proficient with English yet have to prepare, research, and analyze essays in English which many may not understand very well.Remember that teachers mark both local and International students using the same criteria which can be unfair. But don’t worry, at 123Writing, our writers have been through this process a number of times during their tenure at some of the UK's top 50 universities and are equipped to help you pass when you most need to pass.

We have talked to many International students who paid so much money for university and studied for a long time yet they still failed because they struggled with hard English books and Journals. 

We know a lot of foreign students who failed their university degrees and some even had to buy fake degrees because they failed their essays and dissertations. Please give priority to your essays because you pay a lot of money to come to university and we want to make sure that you not only pass your studies but also go shopping and enjoy life in England. Let 123Writing help you pass while you enjoy life in England.

If you are struggling to understand very hard English books and academic journals and hate doing essays, we can help you. Your studies are supposed to be fun, but doing essays makes studying not fun!