How it works

Simply click Order Now to choose the service options you want and register your details during the order process. Once payment has been received and your order has been submitted to us, we immediately assign it to one of our specialist inhouse writers based on topic and subject. This process starts on the same day we receive your order for standard essays. Our inhouse writers are professional writers that work 9-5 everyday in our offices, so academic writing is their day job. So when you make an order, we assign your work appropriately to the most suitable inhouse writer. However, sometimes we get work that requires a subject skill not found among our inhouse writers. This requires we look through our database of specialist freelancers we have on our books who have also been highly vetted by us.

Once we have found a suitable writer, we will inform you that work on your essay has started and the time for the delivery of your essay then begins to run. Please keep this in mind when ordering. You are then sent your completed essay via your secure customer control panel, before midnight, on the delivery date. An email with your order attached, will also be sent to confirm that your essay has been completed.
You can also email us your order No. via email, Live Chat or WeChat.

For commercial PDF reports, the process is more streamlined and automated. Once you click Purchase PDF, you will be taken through the order process as usual. But once payment is complete via our different payment processes, your Purchased PDF report will automatically be generated and stored in your Customer Dashboard waiting for you to Click or Download. Please note that if you choose to pay by Bank Transfer, you will need to wait until we have verified payment by Bank Transfer before your Purchased PDF report is available for download in your Customer Dashboard portal.