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Recommended Use Policy

Summary of key terms

  • Please note that if you purchase sample writing services from, our free essays and custom essay writing services are meant to only help you produce your own piece of work.
  • You are strongly advised not to hand in our free essays and custom sample essay writing that you have gotten from as if it were your own work.
  • retains all the copyright for any written-work that is under any services category that it assigns for its customers

Guidance on recommended use

What is the purpose of a custom essay?

As a student, you spend a lot of time researching and reading a lot of academic research materials, and it can be really hard to know which academic material is the most appropriate for a particular essay. Furthermore, most academic material such as journals can be written in an academic format that tutors don’t teach in class. At the same time, your tutors may provide you with important instructions on the process of essay writing, but very only few will have the time and commitment to offer customized instructions and sample writings to show you how to write and answer essay questions.

Scientific studies show that the most effective and fastest way to learn is through example. Whether you are learning how to drive a car, or you are an apprentice, knowledge is best obtained by watching someone else do something through examples. Therefore, a customized guide on how to answer essays and assignments is the most effective learning tool a student can get. The customized guide answers provide you with a model showing you how to tackle an assignment. It doesn’t mean that our writing guides and custom sample writing is the only way to answer your academic question, but it definitely will offer you another perspective and guide answers that tutors will not give you. Our custom sample essays hence provide you and many students with a model on how to write better essays on their own and to improve on writing their own research paper.

How should I use my custom essay?

As a student, you should make use of custom essays in the same way you would use an academic journal or book that has a similar subject.  We know that many students would simply just copy everything from the journal and the book and just hand it in as their own work but that would be plagiarism. In a similar fashion, you should not just copy the researcher’s custom essay and hand it in as your own. At the very least, you should critically analyze the written data and the arguements the writer has written down and create your own essay from it. You can use the research materials that the writer has used, as well as use the cited references if you like.

In summary…

  • Study our custom essay writing so that you understand how the subject question and topic has been answered.
  • Always add your own thoughts and arguments.
  • Search all the materials and cited references that we have used and use them as a starting point for your research
  • Utilize the custom sample essay that we have written for you to create a better version of your own essay
  • Guarantee that your final essay is 100% exclusive and custom using your own innovative ideas.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the word given to a certain type of academic dishonesty. Below are some definitions of plagiarism.

  • Passing off someone else’s work, ideas or words as your own.
  • Repeating another person’s line of thinking and words without acknowledging the author.
  • Copying lengthy passages of text without using quotation marks.
  • Copying and pasting lengthy passages of text using quotation marks but without giving proper acknowledgment
  • Modifying the words and line of thinking but duplicating the format and the structure of the source without acknowledging the author.

These are only illustrations of plagiarism and do not represent a comprehensive list of all forms of plagiarism.

Since the definition of plagiarism will depend on the context in which it is being used since most universities have their own definitions, but the good news is that we have ensured that our definitions are derived from what most universities define it as.

Universities do not recommend their students to use our service;

We GUARANTEE however that using our custom essay writing services is not an act of plagiarism if it is used according to our recommended use policy as described herein

What will happen if I just hand in the work of your researcher then I get caught in the university?

Our custom written essays are 100% guaranteed to be original, plagiarism-free, and are always written according to your particular topic instructions and desired argument, so if you pass on our custom written essay as your own, then no university or tutor would have any means to know this isn’t your work.  All plagiarism scanners such as TurnItIn will find our custom written essays as 100% original, because the research work we deliver is individually written as a one off and never posted online. However, handing in our custom written work to your tutor might lead to the possibility of noticing the different writing style or that you have accessed references that you would not normally have access to.  Moreover, your tutor may demand you to discuss the work arguments with them, which may be hard for you because you didn’t do the research at all or even bother changing it to reflect your writing style.

As courtesy, submitting ourcustom written essays without doing any modifications is an act of plagiarism because you are using other people’s words as your own words. Nevertheless, our essay writing services and sample essays let you enjoy the privilege of having professional writing help as a tool you can use based on our recommended use policy. You will be in a position to achieve the highest pass grade that you want, at the same time, also learn to develop essay writing skills on your own which will give you a feeling of real satisfaction and achievement, which after all is what you want in the long-term.

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