Dissertation Writing

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A dissertation carries more marks and credits than any other type of essay, often as much as 30% of the entire degree mark in some courses, illustrating how important it is. Many international students who come to us realise this fact and don’t want to risk failing their final year dissertation. So when you order your dissertation from us, here at 123Writing, we will ensure you are 100% happy with it and you shall receive the full help and support you require.

We understand the problems of international students unlike other companies in this market and we also make sure that we can be there right from the start even help you come up with appropriate titles for your dissertation. We try and treat all our students individually making sure that we work according to your university’s requirements.

Procedure for handling your dissertation
When we get your dissertation, we have a stringent process and procedure that we follow to ensure that the best writer possible is chosen based on the topic of the dissertation.

Select topic: Many times students come to us without any idea of what they want to write about or even a topic. This is why when you come to 123Writing; we will help you come up with a selection of topics based on your subject and course and all this for free. We will wait until you are happy before continuing with the rest of the dissertation proposal. At this point, you can also provide us with any supporting reading materials you may want us to use

Dissertation proposal: Once you are happy with your dissertation topic, we will proceed to write a proposal/outline of how your dissertation will be researched and written. Once a proposal has been written and you are completely happy with it, we shall proceed with writing the dissertation starting with the literature review and methodology chapters.

Literature review:Writing a substandard literature review is the easiest way to ruin a dissertation because a researcher cannot perform essential research without first understanding the literature in the field and often, examiners know this so they start with it as a yard stick. The literature review is the part where a student is supposed to demonstrate knowledge of influential research and researchers in the field. This is why writing a literature review is where we put the most focus when starting your dissertation.

Methodology:Once you are happy with the literature review and have approved it, we then proceed to the methodology section. If this involves any primary research or statistical data calculations and analysis, we will provide a thorough description of whatever methodologies we use.

Completion of your dissertation: This is the final part where we handle over your brand and newly completed shiny dissertation. This is also where we let you ask for any changes that you may want made to the final dissertation. Our standard time for requesting changes is within 7 days after receiving your dissertation where we will do one set of free changes as long as they are in line with your original request.