Uber Swot Analysis 2019

By: Jonathan Kush & Prudence K Magezi

Founded in 2009, Uber has become the biggest and most successful taxi and ride sharing company in the world, and in 2018 commanded around 73% of the US market share, its biggest market. The ride sharing firm together with rivals has the potential to disrupt a potential $650+ billion global market for human and non-human mobility that includes taxi cab hailing, car-as-a-service, last mile package delivery, or short-term car rentals (Kulkarni 2017). Despite its success, all is not well with Uber recently. Uber CEO was forced to resign in 2017 following the DeleteUber campaign that resulted in a loss of more than 500,000 customers and market share decline across numerous US states (Statista 2018c). Using a SWOT analysis of Uber, this report

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