PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Proctor and Gamble US 2017

By: Jonathan Kush

Proctor and Gamble is an American FMCG multinational corporation engaged in the manufacture and marketing of household consumer goods in more than 180 countries. It was founded by two brothers-in-law William Proctor (a candle maker) and James Gamble (a soap maker) in 1837 as a small soap production business (PG.com 2017). However, it wasn’t until 1879 that the brothers released their first own branded soap called Ivory, followed by the building of their own state-of-art production facility in 1886. Some of the company’s key milestones include the introduction of Tide detergent in 1946, Crest toothpaste in 1955, Pampers in 1961 and Pantene Pro-V in 1991 (PG.com 2017).

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