PESTLE and SWOT analysis of Maruti Suzuki 2017

By: Jonathan Kush

Using PESTLE, and Porters Five Forces framework, we examine all the factors in the Indian automotive industry starting with the current external macro environment and the political, economic, social and technoligical factors that are shaping, making it more competitive. Using Porters Five Forces analysis, we look at how the industry structure of Indias automotive industry makes it harder for other car manufacturers to challenge Maruti Suzuki. We supplement this analysis with a Maruti Suzuki SWOT analysis as well as Maruti’s BCG matrix looking at its current strengths and how its further fortifying them against competition. We also take a look at internal weaknesses of Maruti Suzuki and how rivals such as Hyundai Motors India Ltd or Mahindra & Mahindra can recover some ground and take market share from Maruti Suzuki. 

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