EasyJet Pestel Analysis 2018

By: Prudence K Magezi & Jonathan Kush

In this report, we analyze EasyJet using Pestel to gain an in-depth understanding of the macro environment and the effects it’s been having on EasyJet operations in 2018. An EasyJet pestle analysis reveals a number of serious threats emanating from its industry environment in the UK and EU including Brexit, unfavorable currency movements, rising labour costs and many others which will be detailed in the report. It is vital for a firm such as EasyJet to analyze key macro environmental influences as any change in the external environment can be fatal for any organization. Nevertheless, the externam environment can also be a source of opportunities once a firm such as EasyJet identifies positive key drivers of change in the airline industry, which may become sources of future competitive advantage. It is these key drivers of change that this Pestel analysis examines.

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