Apple Pestle Analysis 2018

By: Jonathan Kush BA (Hons)

Apple is a technology company engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of smartphones, tablets and personal computers. This report examines the global smartphone market, which has become highly fragmented into high-end and low-end players. Apple being a high-end market player faces competition primarily from Samsung. Nevertheless, in 2018, Apples share of the global smartphone market had fallen to third, behind Huawei and leader Samsung. It is the first time Apple is not in the top 2 global smartphone firms since 2011. Apple has also lost market share in China, falling from top spot to 4th as it battles low cost Chinese rivals. Using a pestle analysis for Apple, this report examines how various external factors have impacted the growth potential and performance of Apple. The analysis includes the effect of US tax cuts, and how escalating US-China trade tensions are likely to affect its future revenues and performance. In addition, the report looks at how developments in technology and demographics can favor further growth of Apple.

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