Airbus Pestle Analysis 2019

By: Prudence K Magezi

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic officially became arguably the biggest macroeconomic shock the aerospace industry has faced in its history. Following the outbreak of corvid-19, Airbus profits fell by close to 50% in the first quarter of 2020 while revenues also declined by €2bn or 15% to €10.6bn as the pandemic halted air travel across the entire globe that Airbus, necessitating the bail out of Airbus to the tune of $17 billion by the French government. Before corvid-19, the two major suppliers Airbus and Boeing were sold out on single aisle planes, and were already struggling to keep up with the growing demand. But due to corvid-19, customers of Airbus including British Airways, Jet Blue and Lufthansa have been negatively impacted by the adverse impact on air travel demand resulting in low demand which has forced Airbus and Boeing to lay off workers and cut back on production rates. Using pestel, this report examines the impact of coronavirus and other macro factors on Airbus.

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