Why we are the best

Everyone claims to be the best, so why are we different? This is the part where we shamelessly blow our own horn! We won’t beat about the bush here, so here is a rundown on why we are different:


Expertise: We employ more writers and writing agencies than other writing agencies. We have built relationships with the people and writing agencies that help and support international students all over the UK. This is because we are also an international student agency helping students pass their exams, apply for visas, apply for further education, and sometimes even we also help new students who are new in the country to get accommodation very quickly. Helping students is our fulltime job and this is why we are different

Because practise makes perfect: We have been helping students with their essays since 2007 and when you keep practising something for a long time as we have been doing in essay writing, you get good eventually. All successful people know what if you want to be good at something, practise it all the time for a considerable length of time and you are guaranteed to improve and get better. We have been writing essays for a long time and we love doing so and this has ensured we have gotten better and better, which is why we are now the best in essay writing for international students

We are real people: We are real people and some of us are still students while others finished their degrees already. We decided to come together as a writing agency based in Brighton because many of us love writing and passed well at universities, so we thus understand what it takes to help students pass better

We are committed to being the best: We are also committed to being the most convenient, confidential and professional essay writing service in the UK. And it is this commitment that has allowed us to be the number 1 essay writing agency in the UK for international students

Free essays:  We offer free essays for students in many of the popular subjects such as business, and law to help you see the quality of our essay writing service as well as help you understand best practise in essay writing so that you can improve and learn on your own. Our free essays are there to help you learn better and should not be used as your own as that will be plagiarism. If you want to get a custom essay written just for you, feel free to talk to us.

Customer Care: No matter what business you’re in, the customer always comes first. This is why our customer care team is always available for you; whether you contact us by phone, email, QQ, Skype or send a pigeon, we’ll be there ready and waiting.