Is this cheating?

Absolutely Not. Getting custom writing help from 123 Writing is a legitimate academic study tool, just like hiring a personal tutor at home. It is normal academic practise. Here is what you need to know about our custom essay writing service.


As a student, you must know that writing essays and coursework is a very difficult thing because if it was easy, everyone would be passing with a first class degree. But it especially becomes harder when you have to combine writing your essay with also preparing for exams that are fast approaching. Even harder is if English isn’t your first language, understanding academic theories and gaining high marks in an English based essay is very difficult because it requires a high understanding of seminar and lecture theories taught in a language that might not be your first language.

This is why 123 Writing has a long history of helping international students who first language is not English, with sample essay writing. We have a specialized group of both English and International essay writers whose fulltime job is to only work on writing essays. Our expert writers understand the importance of your essay, and many of them spend most of their days writing. If you want to learn more about our team of specialist writers, click Here.


Why you should use our custom sample essay service?

By using our sample essay writing service, you will:


  • Have a written essay sample work written specifically for your essay title
  • Use our sample custom essays to help you understand how to apply theories into practice
  • Save time to focus on passing your exams and studies
  • Have a custom essay example that addresses your essay question

Our custom essay samples are there for those common occasions when you do simply have enough time to write your own essay. So use our professional essay writers to help you write your essay even though your deadline is tomorrow. You learn from our reliable custom essay samples.


How to use sample essay writing service?

By ordering our custom essay sample service, you get the chance to use an excellently written work in order to help you understand how to write a proper academic essay. You can use our custom written work as a learning tool by doing the following:


  • Read through the journals and references that we have cited in the work
  • By reading through the custom essay work, you learn things such as how to write “The introduction” “Literature Review”, and “Conclusion”
  • By reading through our custom essay work, you will learn how to critically discuss theories and also apply them to practice
  • Learn and understand the basic elements of what a good essay is


You will receive…

When you order a custom sample essay from 123 Writing, our essay writers will make sure that your work is:


  • Fully referenced based on the referencing style that you require (Our default style is Harvard referencing)
  • Well formatted and follows the standard essay format of “introduction”, “Main body, and a “Conclusion”, unless otherwise stated
  • Unique, and custom written by a member of our essay writing team
  • Plagiarism free and original


We have writers that can help you with any subject.

We cover most of the popular subjects, such as:


  • Accounting
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  • English
  • International Relations
  • Law, Sociology & Politics
  • Media & Film Studies
  • Psychology
  • Statistical Work