How it works

Simply use our price calculator to choose the service options you want and register your details during the order process. Once payment has been received and your order has been submitted to us, we immediately start checking to see who the best writer will be for your work based on topic and subject. We then assign your work appropriately to the most suitable writer. This process starts on the same day we receive your order for standard essays.

For next day essays and others that need urgent attention, we immediately go to work to find suitable writers. Once we have found a suitable writer, we will inform you that work on your essay has started and the time for the delivery of your essay then begins to run. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

You are then sent your completed essay via your secure customer control panel, before midnight, on the delivery date. An email will also be sent to confirm that your essay has been completed.

You can also email us your order via email, Weixin or QQ and once we have received payment via bank transfer or PayPal, we will assign your order to a writer.